Niki Stylianou

As a kid I was fascinated by Labyrinths. Then I became an Architect and I studied all types of Labyrinths. I obsessed with the familiar versus the unfamiliar, I obsessed with cartography and mapping, I obsessed with ever changing points of view. I obsessed with observing.

From below, from above.
Order, disorder, rhythm, repetition, structure, deconstruction, whole, fragment, positive, negative, presence, absence, dark, light, pattern, shadow, mapping, order, rhythm, repetition, structure, deconstruction, fragmentation, Light and shadow, pattern and illusion.

I never stopped being an Architect but I stopped working as an Architect. Even when I stopped working as an Architect I never stopped being obsessed with all things I had observed, all images I had captured, all drawings I had drawn, all words I had transformed into metaphors.

I started working as a professional jewelry maker when I fell in love with an object, its material, its symbolism. I changed its purpose, the way that is usually being used. I cut it, I painted it, I stitched it again and again and again. I deconstructed it and I reconstructed it.