Die Schmuckdesignerin Anemone Tontsch








Since 2000
Born in Kronstadt, Rumania

Immigration to Duesseldorf, Germany

Graduation Highschool

Study of Law, Regensburg

Study of Fine Arts, Rietveldt Academy, Amsterdam, NL

Study of Product Design, Design College of higher education, Duesseldorf

Opening Gallery CEBRA - jewellery and objects in cooperation with an associated partner

Owning Gallery CEBRA exclusively

During all studys participating in several workshops, as well doing interships, for example:

BLICK: leather clothing, Fa. BECKER hat-manufactory, DDD-Studios: haute couture and shoes, NIERERRODEN: lead glazing for church windows aud lamps, W. PUETHE-HAMBURG: make-up artist and masks for motion pictures, working for interior-designers, film sets, cabinet maker, executing creative workshops, part of management board of DUESSELgold, jewellers organisation and ART in Duesseldorf, Altstadt-Gemeinschaft

Since 1982 presenting and selling my work in many galleries in Europe and USA, member of Tour d‘Atelier, Kunstpunkte, Nacht der Museen, exhibiting my work at International Fair Frankfurt and Jewellery Fair Munich for 22 times, after my associate left the gallery, time was getting short, so I decided to skip taking part at fairs

Running my gallery with constantly changing exhibitions, showing the works of more than 200 jewellery-artists and designers from all over the world, organizing exhibitions and opening-events, catwalks, holding receptions, privat shows for selected customers.

About my artistic work

Having been thrown into a complete new world as a child which has been used to stict communism, there has been a lot to learn about values in the wealty west.